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Falcon’s announces ON!X Theater

Falcon’s Creative Group has announced the ON!X Theater, promising a dynamic, interactive environment that establishes a new way to explore fantasy worlds. It is described as “a living, breathing environment that offers a freshly innovative way for guests to actively engage in powerful, themed stories. Utilizing a robust system of intuitively designed player controls and special effects, this creative reimagining of an interactive theater takes action-based, gamified attractions to a whole new level.”

ON!X Theater’s omniscient system features continuous positional tracking, personalized player triumph moments, robust audience accessibility, real-time scoring, and much more. The seats provide feedback based on the players’ actions, so every experience will be different, encouraging repeat visitation. Falcon’s promises that all of these environmental capabilities are complimented by fluent, vibrant content that lives within a rich, themed story where characters burst to life.

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