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Fabbri reaches for the Sky

New rides for 2008

The Fabbri Group’s first Sky Tower, the Italian manufacturer’s take on the tower swing concept, will debut around Easter in France. Three orders for the ride have been secured from French customers, and one in Holland. The mobile version will be 30-metres high and pack onto just one trailer. A 40-metre version is also available.

Other tall rides on order include two giant (55-metre) Boosters for France, five standard 40-metre Boosters (four for Europe, one for the US) and a 40-metre freefall tower for the US.

Fabbri has also announced plans to create a mini “Miami” or Magic Carpet-style ride with a 8 x 3 metre footprint. The 10-seater Miami Junior (pictured) will allow children as small as 0.4 metres to ride. Early concepts for the ride were shown to interested customers at IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando and orders have already been received from Holland and France.

Furthermore Fabbri hastweaked a number of its existing ride concepts to suit clients in various corners of the world. Smashing Jump, originally released as 12-car, 24-seater spinning frog” attraction, is now available with just eight cars and a new name – Spiderman. While this obviously means less capacity, it also equates to less power consumption. Travelling customers will be pleased to learn that the ride packs onto a single trailer and all cars stay on during set-up and tear down.

The Booster, Fabbri’s classic propeller ride, is now available in a new 27-metre version to suit its travelling customers in the USA. As well as the standard and giant versions, Fabbri already produces a 30-metre version, but even it is too big to meet American road regulations.

With its new subsidiary GAS Srl, Fabbri intends to offer service and spare parts to customers, on both its own and other supplier’s rides.

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