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S&S debuts new rides

Asian interest strong

S&S Worldwide has introduced the prototype of its Pirates’ Plunge attraction (pictured), a new and different wet family ride equally suitable for waterparks or amusement parks.

The ride seats 12 riders in clothes or bathing suits, and the amount of wetness is adjustable. Reminiscent of the S&S Frog Hopper, Pirates’ Plunge smacks the surface of a pool of water that shoots through holes in the floor platform. Erupting water cannons complete the deluge.

Another family ride, the Junior Swing, is now available. It is a smaller version of the popular S&S Screamin’ Swing, and seats eight riders.

Finally, El Loco is a smaller family coaster now being offered by S&S Worldwide. The first unit is being delivered to Indiana Beach, Monticello, Indiana.

“Sales for S&S have been good,” admits Ed Hiller of S&S sales. “Interest in out tower and swing rides has been very strong in China and the Middle East.”

“We also have a double tower being delivered to OCT in Chendu, China, for a spring 2008 opening, and also to Shanghai,” adds Kevin Rohwer, S&S vice-president of sales. “We are delivering an eight-seat swing to Austria. At the IAAPA show we received verbal agreements on two additional coasters.”

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