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Europa-Park provides exclusive insights into its history

Streaming platform VEEJOY now available

Whether in books or films, great stories should be told. The story of how a small family business in the tranquil town of Waldkirch grew to become one of the top players in the construction of rollercoasters, as well as Germany’s largest theme park, is undoubtedly one of these. For the first time, the history of the family business is traced in detail through pictures and sound recordings, revealing some well protected secrets in the process.

‘The Europa-Park Story’, a series produced by MACK Media, embarks on a journey through time from the very beginnings of the Europa-Park Resort all the way to today, with previously unpublished archive material that will amaze both insiders and enthusiasts alike. Since 9 January 2022, just in time for the launch of VEEJOY, the first of a total of six episodes of the multi-part series is available exclusively on the new streaming platform. The other episodes of ‘The Europa-Park Story’ will be released every Thursday, with the first of the Thursday screenings beginning yesterday (13th January). 

In addition, fans of the Europa-Park Resort can look forward to plenty of other highlights: as Europa-Park says goodbye to spend a few weeks in well-deserved hibernation, VEEJOY opens up a magical new world that brings home the magic of Germany’s largest amusement park and the Rulantica water world. Young explorers can go on an exciting underwater tour with the little Sixtopus Snorri in their bathtub at home or explore Europa-Park at night with Ed & Edda. For even more action, brave adventurers can also set sail with Bartholomeus van Robbemond or meet for a coffee party and a delicious piece of Gugelhupf with Madame Freudenreich and her dinosaurs. For the perfect amusement park feeling within their own four walls, fans can enjoy numerous shows from the comfort of their own homes or start the day with a virtual rollercoaster ride. VEEJOY lets the magic of the Europa-Park Resort come alive at any time, anywhere.

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