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Skycoaster thrills even more with Kool Replay video system

Automatic recording upgrade captures riders from multiple angles without the need for additional staffing.

Ride Entertainment has announced a new upgrade available for Skycoaster operators: Kool Replay’s fully-automated, self-editing, cloud-based video and photo recording system.

Once a ride cycle begins, the video system automatically captures the ride experience from several different angles. When finished, guests can download their footage, which has already been edited and instantly share it with their friends and family via social media.

“Gone are the days of handheld camcorders or riders attempting to record their own flights,” said Lance Beatty, managing director of Skycoaster and Financial Partnerships. “The Kool Replay system gives facilities a new revenue stream along with shareable, social media content for their guests.”

Each system can be customised, from the number of cameras used to the graphics seen in the final product. The first installations, found on the Super Swing at The Track in Branson, Missouri and the world’s tallest Skycoaster at Fun Spot Kissimmee, have already proven extremely popular with both guests and park ownership.

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