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DOF Robotics launches VR game attraction

DOF ROBOTICS, a leading provider of VR amusement attractions, motion simulators and VR games, launched a new VR game attraction at the recent IAAPA Expo.

Defender: light of hope is a 4 players game that provides an immersive experience where the guests are working as a team to defend their territory from aliens. It is further enhanced with the use of guns and special effects such as motion, wind, and many more. “Our VR game defender is far superior to anything in the marketplace,” said Bakit Baydaliev, the CEO of DOF Robotics. “Defender is changing the way video games are played and we expect tremendous sales of it.”

Baydaliev continued: “The way DOF Defender was designed makes it more attractive. A massive truck that takes you in an unbelievable lifetime journey to defend your territory. Gamers are always looking for a high standard experience that allows them to interact more with the game. Defender puts them right into the game.”

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