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DEAL 2020 a ‘game changer’

New concepts at DEAL to bring further engaging and immersive experiences to FECs and indoor theme parks

DEAL 2020 slated for March 23rd-25th in Dubai, is the largest trade show in the MENA region and the show is addressing the upcoming needs of the industry, such as the increasing popularity of virtual gaming, with some of the latest international concepts.

More than 50 new exhibitors from the USA, The Netherlands, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, India, China, Taiwan, South Korea, UK, Australia, UAE, Estonia, Mexico and Turkey will be showcasing some creative and innovative concepts for the very first time at DEAL 2020. The show will host 300 plus exhibitors from across the globe.

“Technology is at the heart of FEC’s. All of the major Family Entertainment Centres (FEC’s) and theme parks around the world are using immersive technology each year to give visitors that feel of simulated reality and DEAL has certainly kept the bar up by facilitating these FEC’s. A number of theme parks are using artificial intelligence in conjunction with virtual reality and augmented reality to create more immersive rides, and DEAL is always ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting edge technology striving to provide its customers with a great selection of VR from top global manufacturers. It really is a great time to witness the industry flourish with these technological innovations” stated Sharif Rahman, CEO of International Expo Consults (IEC), organisers of DEAL 2020.

Several DEAL 2020 exhibitors from across the globe would be showcasing a plethora of concepts that the FECs and amusement operators can choose from. Soon theme park enthusiasts strapped with VR paraphernalia, will enter worlds that were literally impossible to recreate. Over the past few years, there has been clear change in the entertainment choices available to the average consumer. Latest technologies, providing a completely immersive and life-like experience, has changed the industry completely.

“Today, there is a massive behavioural change in millennials. With this change in behaviour they also need engaging and immersive experience to support their entertainment appetite. This has given rise to new gaming concepts such as VR and now they are further engaged by Robots who can serve them food and beverages,” added Sharif Rahman.

Apart from this the regular arcade, redemption, card machines, rides, water fountains, soft toys, inflatables are all present in very large numbers. Robots have also entered the fray and currently are in very high demand across FECs and indoor theme parks. Several such innovative technologies and concepts will be showcased at the upcoming DEAL 2020 show in Dubai.

The average age in the Middle East has gone down in the past years and represents one of the highest ever youth population in the history of the region. In contrast to the rest of the world, its booming population is getting younger. With 60 per cent of the population under the age of 30, experts believe that the driving force for entertainment and leisure industry especially in the MENA region, would be experiences provided by virtual reality technology.

IEC CEO further stated that, “This is a great business opportunity for UAE’s mall owners, real estate developers and other stakeholders planning to launch or grow their unique projects embedded with a gaming / entertainment zone. DEAL 2020 will provide the right platform to create a win-win situation for the exhibitors, visitors and the end consumers who will experience these amazing concepts.”

Opening its doors for the 26th time, DEAL 2020 will represent the largest gathering of entertainment and leisure industry’s key players and visitors from the Middle East, Africa, US, Mediterranean and Asian countries. DEAL has shaped the region’s entertainment industry for the last two and a half decades and it has brought together opinion leaders and high-tech innovations all in one platform.

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