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Playing the lead

Park World editor Becci Knowles, speaks to Laurent Guinci, founder of LOLO CREATIVE about costume design in theme parks and other attractions.

Laurent Guinci, or Lolo to his friends, is a French designer who has been based in London since 1994. Despite his origins in the sciences with degrees in Maths, Physics and Astronomy, he always had an innate urge to own a design business.

When Laurent arrived in London as a young designer, he turned his craft in multiple directions; sketching staff uniforms for restaurants across London, including the exclusive and stylish MOMO. The MOMO logo is, he says, “his legacy”.

From here he went onto design a ‘capsule range’ of bespoke T-shirts in an array of unique styles that gained broad recognition in media outlets, including Vogue. This got him noticed by costume designer Jany Temime, who gave him a break into the film industry.

Laurent, how and when did you make the move into theme parks?

Read Laurent’s answer to this and other questions here.

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