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MK Themed Attractions delivers themed props for Tornado Springs at Paultons Park

The Danish theming expert, MK Themed Attractions, is excited to announce that it has assisted Paultons Park in getting its brand-new themed area, Tornado Springs, ready for 2021 by producing and delivering customised props for the entire area.

Ever since the project kickstarted in the beginning of 2019, MK Themed Attractions has been working intensely on supporting Paultons Park in getting its theme park in Southampton, UK, ready to welcome guests to its brand-new themed area Tornado Springs, which includes 8 brand-new rides and experiences, all wrapped in a heavily Midwestern US theme.

On Monday 12 April the doors at Paultons Park opened and guests were welcomed back. Only this year the park has upgraded with a Midwestern US 1950’s themed town called Tornado Springs where guests will be exposed to a brand-new themed environment, new coasters and rides where most of the themed elements have been produced and delivered by MK Themed Attractions. Guests will be immersed in the new area completed with themed signs, props, objects, and coasters, all telling the unique story of Tornado Springs.

MK Themed Attractions’ Themed Attractions Specialist, Lars Nielsen had this to say about the project: “First, a big congratulation to Paultons Park with the opening of the park and their brand new area Tornado Springs. Second, I have to say that it has been a pleasure working with Paultons Park. From the very beginning the visions and ambitions Paultons Park had sounded exciting, and a project we at MK Themed Attractions have loved being a part of. We look forward to following the launch of the area and seeing the impression of the many guests, eager to create new fun memories.”

Operations Director at Paultons Park, James Mancey said “We are so pleased to finally open the park and welcome guests to explore Tornado Springs, our largest single investment here at Paultons Park. We wanted to introduce a spectacular and immersive themed area and asked Leisure Expert Group (LEG) to help with the design alongside MK Themed Attractions.. We are so pleased with the final product and have enjoyed seeing the smiles on our guests’ faces as they have experienced the new Midwestern themed area for the first time this week.”

MK Themed Attractions is assisting many more theme parks in Europe this year, all very excited to open the doors to the public.

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