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Danish science park selects Simworx

Danish science park Danfoss Universe has opened a Stargazer motion theatre from the English 4D attractions specialist Simworx.

Situated within an existing building at the venue, the Stargazer installation features a total of 28 seats, made up of four, 7-seater pods, each incorporating a six DOF (degrees of freedom) dynamic hydraulic motion base. The media content is played through a Panasonic digital circular polarising 3D projection system for excellent visual results, while the 4D effects include on-board wind and water spray along with bubbles, smoke machines, special effects lighting and 5.1 surround sound. The film chosen by the venue is entitled Journey through the Body, an educational ride through the various systems within the human body, making full use of the Stargazer’s motion and 4D effects.

“When we decided to invest in a 3D theatre we knew that we wanted something more immersive than other parks in Denmark,” reports Danfoss Universe’s head of IT and projects, Jakob Kragelund. “We found that the Stargazer was just that – the movement is remarkable and the sheer sight of our four pods leaves guest in awe.”

The vision of Jørgen Mads Clausen, Danfoss Universe is located in Nordborg in the south of Denmark and opened in 2005. Owner Danfoss is one of the nation’s largest industrial companies, and a global leader in the research, development, production, sales and service of mechanical and electronic components for various industries.

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