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Triotech: Creators of Fun

Established in 1999, Triotech recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with the installation of its 200th XD Dark Ride interactive theatre in Quebec City’s Méga Parc. It’s been quite the ride for president and CEO Ernest Yale, who is on a mission to bring media-based attractions to the masses. Park World editor, Becci Knowles reports

Visiting amusement arcades as a boy, Ernest tells me he could often be seen with his “nose pushed up against the glass” watching others play or sat at a machine without a nickel in his pocket willing it to come to. It was the same with in-house experiences; “I’d seen Pac Mac Man,” he says, “but I didn’t have the console.” So, he decided to start making his own games. “My friends would test them and ask for other features to be added; this gave me an opportunity to see how players played.”

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