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CDRide announces new installations

Over 20 systems now in operation

Following a trial last year at Walygator, the former Walibi Lorraine park in France, American ride DVD specialist CDRide is expecting further work in Europe this coming season.

“We see that some of the DVD systems introduced so far in Europe have not been very successful,” notes CDRide’s Ronny Segal. “With 20 systems in use at Cedar Fair parks in the States, park operators can come to us with confidence.”
Although CDRide is US-based, the company has a development team in Israel, which Segal feels is close enough to offer support to European customers.
New CDRide installation in 2008 will include the new Avatar Airbender (Halfpipe) and SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge (by Gerstlauer) at the Mall of America’s new Nickelodeon Universe in Minneapolis.
DVD systems will also be added to both the new Tony Hawk’s Big Spin rollercoasters planned for Six Flags parks in the States, a second coaster at the Adventuredome in Las Vegas, plus up to 15 other rides in Europe and the US, including two in the UK.
The Tony Hawks attractions are particularly interesting, says Segal, as they are spinning coasters, rides that are generally impossible to capture still ride photos on.
As well as the direct revenue generating opportunities they present, wise park managers will also understand the potential on-ride videos have for sharing among the social networks so beloved of today’s young park guests – YouTube being just one potentially explosive viral marketing opportunity.

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