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Brogent wins European Star award and teases release of 2024 film

Brogent Technologies, Inc won Best Dark Rides at the prestigious European Star Awards. This recognition is attributed to their flying theatre masterpiece, Voletarium, which was constructed in 2017 for Europa-Park, Germany’s largest theme park. With a seating capacity of 140 passengers, Voletarium is equipped with Brogent’s cutting-edge i-Ride flying theatre system, boasting a daily ridership record of up to 10,000 visitors.

Chairman C.H. Ouyang of Brogent Technologies expressed his pride, stating, “Voletarium received the Best New Ride award at the European Star Awards in its inaugural year of 2017, and we are greatly honoured to once again win the top position in the ‘Best Dark Rides’ category with Voletarium.” He emphasized that the Brogent team consistently prioritizes the highest quality standards to provide owners with the safest and most entertaining amusement experiences.

In addition to the exciting award-winning news, Brogent announced a collaboration at this year’s IAAPA Europe with renowned German production company Mack Animation. This milestone marks the world’s first 10K flying theatre film primarily centreed around real aerial footage of Africa, a testament to Brogent’s ambition to a comprehensive solutions provider offering services encompassing theme design, ride production, installation, maintenance, and film production.

“It’s Africa” is a pioneering cinematic masterpiece that takes audiences on an unparalleled aerial journey over the breathtaking landscapes of Africa. From the iconic Kilimanjaro to the awe-inspiring Great Migration of wildlife, and the picturesque Lake Turkana adorned with millions of flamingos, this film marks a significant milestone as the world’s first 10K flying theatre adventure exclusively dedicated to showcasing the beauty of the African continent. The production team spent nearly a year delving into the most remote and rarely explored regions, flying over 17 African countries, capturing the essence of this remarkable land. This ultra-high-resolution film offers exceptional quality on all currently available flying theater systems, with a specific focus on optimization for the latest generation of LED dome screens.

In addition to this ground-breaking film, Brogent is proud to introduce the revolutionary “Turnkey o-Ride Flying Theatre”. This innovative solution empowers attraction owners with an efficient and budget-friendly means to construct a flying theatre. Owners only need to provide a load-bearing ground, leaving the rest in the capable hands of Brogent’s professional engineers. Notably, the entire installation, including the building façade, can be completed in just three months. This rapid setup feature drastically reducing the time and cost for owners to implement new attractions. Its cost-effectiveness have successfully enabled Brogent to expand into new markets and enhance global market penetration.

The South American market, previously unexplored, has recently made its mark through our new product o-Ride flying theatre by securing order from Brazil. This marks Brogent’s official entry into the South American market, leaving only Africa unconquered in Brogent’s global flying theatre market. o-Ride flying theatre is not only tailored for the South American market but also suitable for all customers worldwide seeking cost-effective flying theatres. Since its launch at the end of last year, this new product has been successful receiving orders from Mainland China, Brazil, and Japan. In the future, it is expected to continue expanding into emerging markets, increasing market penetration, and solidifying Brogent brand’s leadership position.

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