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Zamperla brings bigger fun for all ages

Zamperla, the historic company in amusement ride and roller coaster manufacturing, introduces Magic Bikes XL and GoGo Bounze 8.4, two attractions designed to provide visitors of all ages with the opportunity to enjoy shared fun.

Magic Bikes XL, a magnified version of the best-selling Magic Bikes, boasts four times the capacity of its predecessor: from the 12 passengers of the 6.2 version to the 48 of the biggest one. Now, parents, kids, and grandparents can delight in the adventure together, fostering cherished moments of shared exhilaration.

The ride’s design incorporates a pedalling mechanism, allowing riders to control the arm’s motion; the more they pedal, the higher the arm soars. Furthermore, the flying experience opens up limitless theming possibilities, immersing guests in uniquely themed adventures.

The GoGo Bounze 8.4 represents a remarkable upgrade of the classic Jump Around, re-engineered to accommodate larger capacities and assert its presence in the midway. This family thrill ride features a system of air cylinders that drive individual arm movements, resulting in captivating bouncing patterns.

The ride’s flexibility allows for customised wave patterns or alternating jumps, offering a new twist with every ride. Accommodating 2 adults and 2 children in each vehicle, the GoGo Bounze 8.4 becomes the centrepiece of any family area, drawing visitors from all corners of the park.

Safety is paramount, and Zamperla ensures a secure experience with individual lap bars, catering to both children and parents alike. The ride’s adaptability extends to seamless theming integration, effortlessly blending with any park’s unique atmosphere.

With Magic Bikes XL and GoGo Bounze 8.4, Zamperla sets the standard for innovation, pushing the boundaries of imagination, and uniting generations through unforgettable shared experiences.

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