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Brunswick Innovations Lead the Way to the Future of Bowling

In the lead-up to IAAPA Expo 2023 we asked John Prokopec, Brunswick Bowling director of international sales, to share his thoughts on what trends are affecting the amusement industry, what products Brunswick offers to address owner-operator business goals, and what visitors can expect at the Brunswick Bowling booth (#4832).

One of the products you’re exhibiting at IAAPA 2023 is Duckpin Social. What is that?

Duckpin Social® is Brunswick’s attention-getting twist on duckpin bowling, a ten-pin game popular in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada for more than a century. Duckpin Social delivers maximum revenue in one-third of the space required for standard bowling. This engaging, enticing attraction is designed for restaurants, bars, entertainment centers, resorts, and community living—anywhere and everywhere people gather for fun. It’s ideal for any venue that wants to ensure longer customer engagements, foster loyalty and stimulate increased spending. Above all, Duckpin Social opens up any business to diverse demographics as it attracts new customers while delighting current ones.

What trends are you seeing in the international bowling business?

As labor costs and shortages continue to challenge entertainment centers around the world, we’ve found that replacing traditional freefall pinsetters with string machines is becoming more appealing, in both existing centers and new builds. Now Brunswick has made it even more attractive by introducing Boost ST string pinsetter. Boost incorporates advanced sport technologies to elevate performance, safety, operational efficiency, and an authentic bowler experience. An intuitive touchscreen makes it simple for any staff member to operate, reducing labor costs. Boost’s self-detangling mode resolves 99.99% of frames bowled for increased guest satisfaction, and a fully guarded machine (with adjustments made from the rear) ensures staff safety. The switch to Boost can result in significant labor savings for proprietors, as they reposition mechanics to addressing neglected building repairs and performing other revenue-generating game maintenance.

How is technology changing the bowling business?

Today’s consumers expect their bowling experience to incorporate the kinds of technology they use every day. Brunswick Bowling’s Spark delivers all that and more, with a proven return on investment and 25% increase in revenue. Spark surrounds the bowler in a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind experience as it delivers the latest technology and entertainment trends to your lanes. Spark engages every segment of entertainment seekers with an experience that guests are willing to pay more for.

What else are you excited to share with IAAPA attendees?

Pronto is the indispensable mobile operations app that allows center staff to identify and resolve mechanical problems more quickly, resulting in more uptime and increased customer satisfaction. Pronto simplifies and streamlines pinsetter maintenance with easy-to-understand error messages and integrated troubleshooting guides for Brunswick pinsetters. Real-time operational alerts and troubleshooting save time and ensure optimal performance, and Cloud-based data tracking allows access to critical performance reporting from anywhere. Compatible with all pinsetters, Pronto improves operational efficiency while reducing costs and labor requirements.

Where can attendees find Brunswick?

Our Innovation Hub will be at booth 4832, where visitors can try their hand at Duckpin Social, see Spark in action, discover the innovative Sync POS, and find out how the Sync Service Kiosk streamlines operations while enhancing the guest experience. We’re also inviting attendees to enjoy a coffee or beer at the Brunswick Brewhouse!

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