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BillyBird’s first coaster

BillyBird Park in Holland now has its first rollercoaster! The ride is the second Tube Coaster from ABC Engineering of Switzerland and best described as a bobsled run on a rollercoaster track.

The ride features three pairs of cars launched one at a time from the top of a custom-built 14-metre tower. As they run along the steel track, the cars reach a maximum speed of 50 km/h. There are two bock brake sections during the ride, plus a soft brake at the end, after which passengers disembark before the cars are returned to the top of the tower ready for the next riders.

By combining the block brake sections with a more powerful motor to return the cars to the station, ABC has been able to increase throughput compared to the original Tube Coaster at Trampolino in Germany. At BillyBird Park up to 600 riders per hour can enjoy the attraction. Up to six children can be accommodated per twin car, or four adults. A lap belt and side mounted grab rails provide restraint.

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