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Axis Coaster New from S&S

S&S – Sansei has reimagined roller coaster with their new Axis roller coaster. It gives riders a feeling of flying unlike any other ride. This coaster redefines track elements unlike any other ride. Whether you want a high-thrill experience or a family-friendly coaster, Axis will provide that experience.

 Axis rotates around the axis of the track. That means that the rider could be above the track, below the track or swinging out to either side. Seated riders swing about an axis that runs from the front to rear of the train 1.7 meters above the center of the tracks. It is reminiscent of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride by Vekoma at Disney parka in Florida and California that has seats that also rotates below a front-to-rear axis, but this axis is always above the tracks. The Axis coaster goes faster with greater forces causing the seats to swing further and more wildly. Guests are transported in one of three 12-seat trains. The coaster can either be powered by a chain lift hill or LSM launch, and offers an hourly capacity of 1,000.

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