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New AmericanPie Mini Golf is a throwback

AmericanPie Mini Golf, a throwback to fun courses from the 1950s and ‘60s is being launched by American Golf & Sports (AGS). “The idea was hatched as we created and installed several fun and whimsical nine-hole courses on the decks of Carnival Cruise Line ships,” enthuses Scott Lundmark, AGS president. “We took that idea and created AmericanPie, a unique, retro nine-hole course that has lots of tricks, is fun and super colorful with its geometric edges and portable obstacles. The entire product reminds us of mini golf courses of the past, and that’s why we named it ‘AmericanPie.’”

“AmericanPie,” he continues, “represents a new generation of portable or permanent mini golf courses serving customer needs for easy setup, flexible layout, and quick disassembly for moving and storing. This breakthrough product was created while we were addressing several of these customer needs. First, we created three mini golf carpet shapes and re-designed golf holes that fit inside the carpet shapes. To keep the ball in play, a faux wood edge system was developed, which is quickly pinned together with slide-in connector brackets. The pinned edge system can be laid out to duplicate the recommended nine holes shapes or new ones can be created by the user.”

According to the AGS design team, the final customer need was to eliminate the traditional golf hole cup and use a Carpet Cup to capture the ball. AGS custom faux wood obstacles add more fun and include circles, triangles, bars, as well as radius sections which are already used with other AGS portable and permanent applications. AGS specialty obstacles, such as vortex and pachinko, are offered as optional extras for use on permanent courses.

“The AmericanPie Mini Golf hole series is available in increments of one to nine holes,” comments Lundmark. “A base nine-hole package…includes 30 AGS Soft Rubber-Head putters in four sizes, four dozen mini golf balls, and a package of AGS obstacles. Five holes are ADA compliant and pins can be removed from other holes to allow ADA access. Nine holes can be set up in approximately 4,000 square feet or each hole can be positioned to permit traffic flow around columns and down hallways.”

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