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Aquatica Orlando launches tallest outdoor Dueling Pipeline Racer

ProSlide Technology Inc. recently completed the world’s tallest outdoor Dueling PIPEline racing ride, launched earlier this month at SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando, in Orlando, Florida. Named Riptide Race, the competitive racing ride is the world’s tallest Dueling PIPEline gravity racing ride standing at a thrilling 67 feet (20 m) and will be the 56th high-performing water ride that ProSlide and SeaWorld have collaborated on during their decades-long partnership.

“SeaWorld is one of our longest-standing partners” says ProSlide Senior Vice-President of Global Strategic Partnerships, Jeff Janovich. “Over three decades we’ve brought a multitude of innovative ProSlide water rides to all their parks – high-performance ProSlide rides that are still going strong! Now we’re thrilled to continue that track record by bringing the competitive experience of the largest outdoor Dueling PIPEline to their park at Aquatica Orlando. This is an iconic water ride by ProSlide that will give Aquatica Orlando’s guests an unparalleled racing experience and keep them coming back again and again for that first-place finish.”

Designed for high-speed competitive racing the Dueling PIPEline racing ride utilizes ProSlide’s patented RallyPOINTS, strategically positioned sections of U-shaped flume that keep riders in opposing flumes as close as possible, allowing them to see and hear their competition and intensifying the head-to-head racing sensation. The addition of ergonomic start tubs and red/green start lights heighten the competitive feeling for an unparalleled racing experience. Riptide Race also features several other unique innovations and landmarks that make it an incredibly significant attraction. These include the tallest dueling PIPEline in the world, first dueling PIPEline in Florida, second Dueling PIPEline in the United States, the next generation of an innovative ProSplash finish, and four RallyPOINTS sections.

Aquatica Orlando is already home to several iconic ProSlide water rides including Ehu’s Breakaway Falls (four SuperLOOPS), Omaka Rocka (two triple TORNADO 12), and Kare Kare Curl (a TornadoWAVE 60). The SeaWorld-operated park is one of five across the United States and Canada that feature iconic ProSlide rides as some of their main attractions.

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