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Smurf Splash Pad a waterpark first

After recently signing an agreement with the company IMPS, owner of the rights to the friendly and well-known Smurfs brand, Amusement Logic is to present a world premiere for leisure and fun: the first Smurf Splash Pad.

In a press statement Amusement Logic said: “This is a novelty in the human universe, but also in the land of the Smurfs. With the creation of this new city in their little world, water becomes part of the entertainment, and with it, the experiences multiply and expand. In this way, we give a new meaning to the verb “to smurf”: to play and have fun on the slides, with the water jets, the waterfalls and other games, in the company of the Smurfs. Children between 5 and 10 years old, and all those nostalgic for the little blue creatures, will now be able to smurf in style on the new Smurf Splash Pad.”

Created in 1958 by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford “Peyo”, the Smurfs are universally known. The little blue characters are already the centre around which various theme parks, family entertainment centres, hotels, playgrounds, escape rooms and other attractions around the world revolve. A new cartoon series in which they are the protagonists is also scheduled to launch on television in 2021. However, they have never before been part of a children’s water park, as they are in the Smurf Splash Pad.

A spokesperson for Amusement Logic continued: “The values that form the backbone of the Smurfs’ adventures are those of friendship, respect, tolerance, faith in the future…. Their stories always make people of all ages smile and are synonymous with fun. Wherever they go, they spread emotions, happiness, love… These values and emotions are now surrounded by an aquatic environment full of psychomotor challenges that are both fun and educational. To create the new attraction, Amusement Logic has signed an agreement with the owners of the Smurfs’ image rights. They know very well all the meanings of the verb “to smurf”, and chose to join us in adding one more.”

The Smurf Splash Pad is a water playground with a flexible design and configuration, adaptable in complexity and extension to any space and budget. Whether as a stand-alone attraction, or as an add-on to children’s pools, water parks, hotels and resorts, campsites and shopping centres, the Smurf Splash Pad will make a difference: it brings new experiences for the little ones and a new revenue stream for owners and developers.

By virtue of the agreement that Amusement Logic has reached with the SMURF brand, it is able to transfer and adapt the image of the Smurfs’ world to aquatic recreational facilities. “If you wish to offer your customers this new world of Smurfs at your facilities, we can adapt the concept to your needs,”said a spokesperson.


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