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Amusement Logic unveils ConeQuest

Amusement Logic has unveiled ConeQuest, a new attraction for water parks and aquatic areas in hotels and resorts, camp sites, and other leisure and tourism facilities.

The unique water slide takes the form of a winding hydro tube that links sections of conical geometry, refreshing the global water park market with a unique experience.

Building on the classic water slide experience, in an unexpected twist, ConeQuest takes that experience to the extreme and makes it even more vertiginous.

When hurtling down the hydro tube slide on a single or double float, riders and slide-fans enter each of the cone-shaped assemblies at high speed. They are then propelled and slide down the inner wall in a pendulum trajectory, back and forth, to increase their speed and enter the next section of hydro tube, to a new truncated cone, and so on, until they reach the end of the new attraction.

As the rider slides down the mouth of the hydro tube away from the exit platform, they enter a shadowy space. Their journey continues until they suddenly emerge into the light. They have fallen into one of the conical assemblies, where the surprise of natural light entering through the large front opening adds to the sudden dizzying sway of vertigo. They are then suddenly plunged back into darkness. The experience is repeated intermittently throughout ConeQuest.

The harlequin colouring of ConeQuest, and therefore the rapid succession of bright colours as the floats slide down the hydro tube slide, enhances the sensation of speed and extends the experience. Other special effects can be added to this attraction with the use of artificial lights and sounds.

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