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ADG Mountainsides debuts fastest mountain coaster in Canada

ADG Mountainsides’ newest coaster installation, Rail Rider Mountain Coaster, opens on 12 May at the Golden Skybridge in Golden B.C.

ADG Mountainsides has partnered with Pursuit, a Vancouver, B.C. based attraction and hospitality company, to bring the attraction to life.

The coaster is the first-of-its-kind in Western Canada, as well as the fastest and largest mountain coaster in all of Canada.

Rail Rider Mountain Coaster will race through an old growth forest between Canada’s two highest suspension bridges. The 3,375 ft coaster features an up-track that takes riders 1,180 feet up the canyon, before they descend 2,195 feet, reaching speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour.

Riders will then coast under the lush canopy, around a 360-degree loop, through a 50-foot tunnel and finally shoot out onto a cantilever that extends over the majestic Columbia Valley.

Designed to suit almost any mountainside location, ADG’s Mountainsides makes the most of the local topography to deliver an authentic mountain coaster experience.

“At ADG, our goal is to deliver mountain coaster and alpine slide experiences to adventure seekers in the most iconic destinations around the world. Collaborating with Pursuit on designing and constructing the Rail Rider mountain coaster is the latest example of ADG’s dedication to developing one-of-a-kind projects with great clients,” said Bruce Quay, COO of ADG Mountainsides.

He continued: “This project is a testament to Pursuit’s vision and ADG’s ability to make our clients’ vision become reality. We are very proud of our great working relationship with the Pursuit team, and we are looking forward to collaborating on future projects.”

With ADG Mountainsides’ cutting-edge innovation, Rail Rider Mountain Coaster will allow riders to choose their own level of adventure. Featuring the company’s proprietary Position Monitoring System, with ample safety features, including speed limiters and a self-braking system, guests can enjoy the scenic mountainside view at their own desired speed.

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