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16 Taiwanese theme parks roll out preferential admission to returning customers

Amusement parks in Taiwan are implementing new deals to increase visitor footfall this summer, and 16 of them have taken a step further – collectively agreeing on a deal to charge lower admission fees to those guests who had visited another partnering amusement park during the season.

The parks agreed that visitors who have proof of their visit to another participating park (such as a ticket stub) can enjoy the group admission rate, which is usually much less expensive than a full ticket.

The 16 parks are: Yun Hsien Resort, Yehliu Ocean World, Leofoo Village Theme Park, Little Ding-Dong Science Theme Park, West Lake Resortopia, Lihpao Land, Dongshih Forest Garden, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Atayal Resort, Janfusan Fancy World, Wanpi World Safari Zoo, Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort, Bada Forest, Kentington Resort, Dancewoods Hotels & Resorts, and Farglory Ocean Park.

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