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Toverland celebrates its largest expansion ever

Toverland presented Port Laguna, a new entrance, and a new themed area called Avalon on July 5 2018. Guests were able to enjoy a number of new attractions, including the rollercoaster Fēnix, water attraction Merlin’s Quest, and an interactive magic show performed in a magical warehouse called Magiezijn.

This seven-hectare expansion, which involved an investment of €35m, means Toverland has become one-and-a-half times bigger.

The owner of Toverland Jean Gelissen, and his sister, general director Caroline Kortooms, are very proud of the result. After a flight on wing coaster Fēnix, Caroline said: “We were looking across the area from a height of 40 metres and saw our guests relaxing and enjoying Port Laguna and Avalon. This is exactly the reason why we did all of this. This is our magic world!”

Fēnix, located in Avalon, is the world of Merlin and the very first wing coaster of the Benelux. The rollercoaster features seats that hang either side of the track, creating a unique flying experience. Fēnix stands 40m tall, 813m long, and reaches a top speed of 95 km/h.  Avalon also contains water attraction Merlin’s Quest – a 12-minute boat ride suitable for the whole family.

To find out more about the new Toverland treats, be sure to check out Park World’s exclusive Ride Profile in an upcoming issue!

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