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Zierer prepares 2020 deliveries

Following successful sales in 2019, Zierer is preparing to deliver many products in 2020. According to Zierer’s Marina Ernst-Weiderer, the company will ship more than ten Family Towers in 2020, plus several attractions destined for new parks. Four Family Towers will be placed in different locations in Germany. One goes to Japan considering the special Japanese requirements that are asked for. One Family Tower will be delivered to Marineland Canada together with a Star Shape Ride. Another Family Tower will be delivered together a Family Coaster, a Kontiki Swing Ride, and a Wave Swinger, for a new park opening in Europe End of 2020.

Zierer will equip a new park, Yerevan Park in Armenia, with several rides including a Family Tower, a Coaster, a Wave Swinger, a Kontiki Boat, and Flying Gondolas. Especially for a new park development, Ernst-Weiderer believes Zierer has the right product portfolio to start a successful business. Two Family Towers will be delivered to Lego Movie World in Denmark. Legoland New York in Goshen has already received two Zierer rides, a Castle Coaster and a double Jet Ski unit, which shall debut in July 2020. One Family Tower is destined for France with an attractive Lady Bug Decoration.

Zierer is also working on two Family Coasters, one for the U.S., another one for Furuviksparken in Sweden with a Dragon Theme. This is but a sample of Zierer’s planned deliveries in 2020 and even for 2021, for which they have already received multiple orders.

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