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YFM Equity Partners invest in the growth of AR provider Ncam

A private equity fund manager, YFM Equity Partners, have backed an investment into Ncam Technologies, a provider of augmented reality solutions for the entertainment industry. 

Founded in 2012 by CEO Nic Hatch, CTO Sam Boivin, and senior R&D engineer Brice Michoud. Ncam develop augmented reality solutions that combine camera tracking hardware that fuses data from multiple sources with proprietary software to adapt the application to its target markets.

The device uses a sensor bar attached to a camera to track natural features in the environment. This way, the camera can move freely in all locations while generating a continuous stream of positional rotational information that can feed all industry standard graphics engines via Ncam’s software development kit.

YTM’s funds will be used to support the development of new products, invest in the team, and help the business extend its reach into new territories with an emphasis on the USA, where a new office is planned to open in 2018.

“Our vision is to set a precedent of what can be achieved within real-time visual effects,” said Nic Hatch, co-founder and CEO. “Our relationship with YFM will allow us to expand our technological capabilities’ and keep Ncam at the forefront of augmented reality.”

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