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Apple Industries exhibit new surprises at Amusement Expo

In order to demonstrate how Apple Industries’ Face Place Photo Booths generate cash for street operators as well as FECS and high-traffic locations, operators at the 2018 Amusement Expo were invited to have their picture taken – if they were interrupted by a congratulatory message, they won $50. Apple Industries gave away $50 every 20 minutes in this fashion. 

“The message doesn’t get much clearer than that,” said Apple CEO Allen Weisberg. “Face Place makes money for operators in bars, taverns and restaurants too! Street operators told us they received that message loud and clear, along with some folding money for quite a few industry members and their families.”

During the expo, Apple also revealed an 18 month, 0% interest finance program that allows operators to pay for new machines out of the cash box.

“That’s how confident we are in Face Place, whether it’s our Sapphire and Ruby models that are sized and themed just right for bars and taverns, or whether it’s our Deluxe – Outdoor Edition for outdoor locations, tourist locations and theme parks,” said COO Scott Avery. “A Face Place Photo Booth pays for itself in under a year on average, and often in six months or less.”

Operators at the expo were also able to experience the new “Share in Times Square” feature available on any networked Face Place 2.0 booth. The feature is provided as a free upgrade to all operators of networked machines, and “Share in Times Square” is an upsell feature that allows customers to enter a Face Place booth, take their picture, then post it immediately to a giant electronic billboard in Times Square, Manhattan.

Apple Industries exhibited from 28th February to 1st March at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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