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Wet ‘n Wild Phoenix

Operated by the Australian Village Roadshow chain, Wet ‘n Wild Phoenix opened this June and is Arizona’s largest waterpark, located on a 35-acre site at the Adobe Dam Regional Park. Previously known as Waterworld Safari, the park is packed full of new attractions, many by WhiteWater West, which also assisted with the venue’s redesign.

Included are Maximum Velocity, a pair of duelling Master Blaster waterside coasters (pictured above), and Mammoth Falls, North America’s first Family Boomerango. Riders on the latter sit in six-person rafts as they are shot up a wall, pause for a moment and then fall back down, experiencing a moment of weightlessness as they pass over a transition hump and into a splashdown pool below.

From ProSlide comes the Tornado, in which riders spin around a giant funnel in two or four-person clover-leaf tubes, splashing back and forth through the swirling water before being released into the calm shallows below.

The Serpentine complex, meanwhile, features two coiling slides and a bowl slide, in which the centrifugal forces of the bowl pull riders around and around before abruptly releasing them into the exit chute below!

Also keeping the energy levels high is Desert Racers (pictured below), an eight-lane WhiteWater Whizzard slide, sending riders through enclosed tubes and then out into  a multi-lane race configuration, challenging them to determine who is fastest.

The waterpark boasts a large waterplay structure, Boogie Board Beach (pictured below), a Hawaiian- themed version of WhiteWater’s popular AquaPlay RainFortress. The attraction features multi-level platforms and a variety of interactive water features, giving young guests many possibilities to explore and play.

Other attractions at Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix include a family raft ride and various other waterslides, plus the Cactus Cooler lazy river and Monsoon Bay wave pool.

The waterpark remains open weekends until November 1.

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