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Cape of Good Hope

Ukraine’s largest waterpark celebrated a successful summer as thousands flocked to the renowned mineral waters of the Azov Sea. Located in one of the former Soviet Republic’s most popular resorts, the Cape of Good Hope in Berdyansk welcomed record crowds, and the best ever for a Ukrainian waterpark.

5.5-hectare facility, which is now in its third season, was fitted out from scratch by the Turkish slide supplier Polin and boasts a total of 31 waterslides. Daily capacity is 3,500 guests.

Surrounded by exotic plants and quirky-shaped swimming pools, the park features an ancient castle theme, including a fortress with water slides and interactive features for the kids.

Many of its attractions, however, focus on extreme water fun. Last season, for example, it added three high adrenaline attractions including the Turbo Lance, Tsunami and Zebra Black Hole (pictured above).

Turbo Lance (similar to a Boomerang slide) gives guests the thrill of sliding along several different paths, and starts with a steep drop, after which the single or twin-person tubes are propelled vertically up a wall. They then experience an unforgettable reverse path taking them over a hump and out into either a run out or slash pool. Tsunami, meanwhile, is designed for end-to-end excitement and offers an unforgettable ride experience featuring a staggered, extended half-pipe layout.

The Zebra Blackhole is an enclosed tube slide, and now one of the park’s most popular attractions. It gets its name from the striped-design, which is unique to Polin and provides a dramatic natural lighting effect inside as riders race through it.

Other slides and attractions at the Cape of Good Hope include Dolina Zmej (Valley of the Snakes), a 14-metre tower featuring a maze of twister slides. The park’s tallest slide, however, is 15-metres tall, while its longest totals 150-metres.


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