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Wavegarden launches Cove machine

Wavegarden has launched a new machine, the Wavegarden Cove, capable of producing 1,000 waves per hour.

A demonstration model has been built at its R&D centre in Spain measuring just 50m x 80m and has been creating waves non-stop since October 2016. Software controlled, the system is able to produce a wide variety of left and right-hand waves, and at maximum frequency can pump out two waves every eight seconds. It is designed to be profitable as a stand-alone facility, and can be up-scaled to produce waves of just about any height and length.

“The high wave frequency enables a high user capacity, which is essential for surfers wanting to catch lots of waves as well as for developers seeking to establish a sound business model,” explained Wavegarden’s founder and CEO, Josema Odriozola. “The versatility of our technology means we can alter wave height, shape and power in an instant to match the experience level of all surfers. Also, we can adjust the number of waves to cater precisely for the number of surfers in the water.”

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