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Innovative Leisure adds new ropes course to Denmark’s Universe Park


The renowned winter winds of Denmark did not manage to stop the completion of a double level Sky Trail explorer high ropes course at Universe Science Park in Nordborg, South Jutland.

The team at Innovative Leisure helped to combine creativity and technology into a fun and thrilling hands on experience. The Universe Sky Trail is the first course outside the UK to include Innovative Leisure’s zip line element, Sky Rail. Participants are able to transfer their slider straight into Sky Rail’s zip cart without having to unhook, making it a seamless experience. After an exciting ‘zip’ the participants continue their adventure by transferring straight back on to the course.

The course also features two ‘walk the plank’ elements with cameras attached so participants are able to take home a keepsake of their adventure.

It has been a pleasure working with Innovative Leisure on this project,” commented Universe’s COO Jonas Luttermann. “The course has turned out just as planned and the design process was a perfect co-creation. The timeline and budget on the project was just as agreed and the delivery of the final project was on time. I felt a close connection to all the staff from IL and have a feeling of that I know the people who delivered and created this project. The Sky Trail with the Sky Rail is a perfect match with our guests and they love it already. I can only recommend working with IL and hope to do more projects with them in the future.”

Universe Science Park’s Sky Trail opened to the public in April and is proving to be a very popular addition with visitors.


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