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Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi welcomes a new DC Super Hero

In celebration of International Women’s Day

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is introducing a new DC Super Hero ‘Batgirl’ who will be making her first appearance on International Women’s Day. Joining Batman’s crusade on March 8, Batgirl will be fighting crime with The Dark Knight in Gotham City, just in time for the highly anticipated ladies-only event, ‘Women of Warner’.

As tension increases in suspenseful Gotham City, police will flood the sky of the city with helicopters as they work hand in hand with Batgirl to keep citizens safe. With spotlights and flashlights piercing through Gotham City’s darkness, guests will grab a coveted first-look at ‘Batgirl’ as she makes a memorable appearance in the balcony area above the city.

The Park’s newest addition will no doubt get guests excited, offering them yet another iconic character to meet and greet for the most memorable visit. With Batgirl now appearing alongside Batman at Gotham City, Batman fandom will be taken to the next level at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.

Guests and super fans will be able to catch the reveal of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi’s newest character while enjoying the various activities and shows at Gotham City as part of The Batman Season’s ongoing activations, running until 31 March. Adding on to their overall journey, ladies will also get the chance to make the most out of their visit with ‘Women of Warner’, offering female guests and their friends a unique experience in total privacy and comfort.


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