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Legacy designed Lotte World Adventure Busan Theme Park to open 31 March

The all-new Lotte World Adventure Busan Theme Park in South Korea – one of the year’s most hotly-anticipated new theme parks – will officially open its gates to members of the public on 31 March 31, following a soft opening period from 17-20 March.

The new park was designed in collaboration with Hollywood-based entertainment design firm Legacy Entertainment. Its opening will mark the 9th project to premiere as part of the unique creative partnership between Lotte World and Legacy. “For over 30 years, Lotte World has set the gold standard for family entertainment in South Korea,” said Yaeli Chung, Legacy’s managing director of Korea. “Our entire team feels very fortunate and humbled to help Lotte World write its next chapter in Busan.”

Boasting six immersive theme zones, the 25-acre ‘boutique theme park’ has different aspirations than its flagship counterpart in Seoul. The original Lotte World, first opened in 1989, originally boasted an ‘international theme’ popular of the era, with zones aiming to recreate the ambiance of England, Germany, and France, among others. At the new Lotte World Adventure Busan, Legacy aimed to create richly-immersive realms not tied to any real world time or place. These  realms will include Tinker Falls, Rainbow Springs, Wonder Woods, Queen Lorry’s Royal Garden, Joyful Meadows, and Underland. The new park’s signature attractions will include the ‘Giant Digger’ Mack Launched Coaster, ‘Giant Splash’ Mack Super Splash, ‘Giant Swing’ by Zamperla, and ‘Ogre’s Flume’ by ABC Rides, as well as Korea’s first ‘Roller Coaster Restaurant.’

“Working closely with the team from Lotte World, we aimed to redefine what an Asian regional theme park can be,” added  Chung. “All across Asia, countless theme parks have popped up in recent years, each one more drab and forgettable than the last. This will not be the case at Lotte World Adventure Busan. Instead, guests who attend Busan will find an emotionally warm and inviting garden park sporting a brilliant layout, a perfectly balanced attraction program, and unprecedented integration of attractions within their environments. Guests will never want to leave.”

Lotte World Adventure Busan is the centrepiece of Busan’s Osiria Tourism Complex, located about 45 minutes by train outside of the city centre. Envisioned as the city’s premiere tourism destination, Osiria currently features a dynamic array of attractions and experiences, including a Lotte Premium Outlet complex, Hillside Luge, Science Museum, Golf Club, and IKEA. Future additions will include a Hilton Hotel and Aqua World.

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