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Vekoma celebrates opening of world’s first Super Boomerang

Vekoma Rides has launched the Super Boomerang, the first of its kind in the world. ‘Cloud Shuttle’ is the brand-new multi launch coaster which has opened at the new theme park Xuzhou Fantawild Wonderland in China.

The Super Boomerang is designed to offer a unique combination of modern-age thrill ride elements, all in a compact, narrow space.

The ride features multiple launch sections, vertical spike at 52,5m height, maximum speed of 95 km/h, forward backward ride, vertical drops, four inversions, and 10 airtime elements.

The Super Boomerang elevates Vekoma’s successful Boomerang concept, with new levels of excitement and delivering thrills to a wide demographics, with a rider height restriction of 1.20m.

The 52.5m tall tower is an imposing presence in the park. Using Vekoma’s proven design MK1101 train system and a 6-coach, 24-seater train, the Super Boomerang reaches a capacity of 800pph.

To obtain an unobstructed ride experience, the vehicle has a lap bar-only restraint system with flexible vest. The ride uses a maintenance-friendly, state-of-the-art LSM launch system.

Benjamin Bloemendaal, head of concept engineering at Vekoma Rides, comments: “The Super Boomerang was  designed as a spiritual successor to both the classic Boomerang and the GIB, using a sit down vehicle like the former, but having the stature of the latter.

“According to our present-day design philosophy, the new track design was also to sport more variation in ride elements, while focusing on airtime and hangtime rather than downforce.

“Other key drivers to the final design were to have a unique and iconic aesthetic and a footprint that could be easily integrated in different park plans.

“These parameters, combined with more energy (i.e. increased train speed) and airtime-focused track elements, lead to a long-stretched, slender design rather than the traditional square base area.

“Additionally, we opted for a maintenance-free LSM drive to avoid the complex hoisting and catching mechanisms from the days of old.

“This choice doesn’t only improve reliability and reduce maintenance cost, it also provides for a more dynamic ride experience and a higher single-train throughput.”

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