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US Thrill Rides introduces SkyScreamer

Ride and attraction inventor Bill Kitchen, founder and chairman of US Thrill Rides, has introduced the SkyScreamer. Bill’s original invention, SkyCoaster, takes up to three riders into a skydiving experience as they are pulled up to 300 feet (91 m) in the air by a ripcord and released into an exhilarating free-fall as the cable tether allows them to soar above spectators in a giant swinging arc.

The SkyScreamer is said to be like the SkyCoaster “on steroids”. It builds upon the best aspects of the SkyCoaster, but instead of flight suits, a round disk with roller-coaster style seats supports between six and twelve flyers at once. Flyers load from the ground (omitting the scissor lift) and are mechanically raised 12 feet high before ascending in an arc to drop height. Then as they fall and swing, the disk naturally swivels, providing multiple dimensions of thrills. An innovative new “pendulum damper” gradually allows the ride to come to a safe stop on its own, completely eliminating the need for riders to grab a loop. The new SkyScreamer is a whole new system with up to 10 times the capacity of the original ride.

The SkyScreamer towers are strikingly beautiful and iconic. The structure shines in the sun and glows in the dark! Models will be available for 6 to 30 flyers. This allows the entire family to experience the upgraded thrills born from one of the most popular thrill-rides ever.

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