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Turtle takeover at Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, introduced a package of new attractions for summer 2007, including Turtle Whirl (pictured), a themed Tilt-A-Whirl from Sellner Manufacturing (pictured).

The Turtle Whirl was added to Dutch Wonderland with families in mind, since it can accommodate four guests per car. “It’s a classic ride with a little bit of a twist,” explains the park’s general manager, Rick Stammel. “Our park has some old and some new rides, but we realised we were missing one of the classics.”

The new Treehouse Terrace eatery, which overlooks the Turtle Whirl, serves fresh-cut French fries, baked potatoes, popcorn chicken, hot dogs, poultry dogs and assorted beverages.

New shows at Dutch Wonderland in 2007 includes the Gypsy Princess, an interactive performance telling the tale of a new-born princess who was switched with an impostor baby. Rescued by forest animals and raised by gypsies, she returns as a young woman to prove her royalty and save her kingdom. The show was performed five times daily in the Middle Earth Theatre. Guests can also boogie on down at the Hoppin’ Rockin’ Royal Review located at Storytime Corner.

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