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Furius Baco, fabulous theme

Furius Baco is the first ‘winged’ launched coaster from Intamin. Now thrilling guests at Port Aventura, Salou, Spain, it has become the park’s new signature attraction, propelling riders fro 0-135kph in three seconds, as they sit in pairs suspended either side of the track.

As the ride experience is by its nature very short, Port Aventura enlisted the help of Thinkwell Design & Production to create a pre-show and theming.

“At Thinkwell, we specialise in creating truly immersive entertainment,” explains Victor Cavaller, principal of Thinkwell Europa, located in nearby Barcelona. “For Furius Baco, we produced an experience that would engage riders – not just physically, through turns and accelerations – but emotionally, through a character and a story.”

Original music complements video projections and animatronics to introduce riders to the wild world of Furius Baco. The storyline involves a mad inventor and wine producer who launches barrels of ”vino” (as the coaster cars are themed) out over the park.

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