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Triotech and BoldMove partner up for Smash & Reload interactive dark ride

Unique blend of fun gameplay and multi-sensory experiences

Triotech, leader in multi-sensory interactive attractions, and BoldMove Nation, specialist in media-based ‘happy worlds’, are firmly shaping up their partnership. Both companies are pleased to announce a powerful collaboration to build Smash & Reload as the world’s smartest and funniest compact dark ride. Triotech applies their high-level, engaging show control and interactive technologies to build the entire ride. As Concept Designer, BoldMove devises the gameplay and media content with partner Polymorph.

Triotech is known for its high-energy interactive attractions delivering thrilling guest experiences. Ernest Yale, CEO of Triotech, comments: “Smash & Reload merges a challenging gameplay with a fun story, yet with an impressive throughput on a compact footprint. It’s a great addition to our existing portfolio as it appeals to a broader audience and extends our reach into new areas. We are very pleased to combine efforts with BoldMove and we are confident visitors will be thrilled with joy!”

The unique blend of witty-cheeky characters with a fun experience is the signature of Concept Designer Benoit Cornet, CEO of BoldMove Nation. He says: “This attraction will be accessible for all ages without any boundaries, guests just board the vehicle, load their device and enjoy the ride. Their experience will be boosted by Triotech’s multi-sensory approach, applying impressive sound, light and interactive technologies. Triotech is undoubtedly the most suitable partner to convert our concept into a unique visitor experience.”

“Smash & Reload will convince any leisure venue owner with its high attractiveness to visitors, and a guaranteed repeatability due to its challenging gameplay and high-scoring system,” said spokesperson. The ride can stand alone or can be easily combined with other attractions in an FEC, theme park, leisure or retail venue. Smash & Reload will be offered through the worldwide sales and distribution network of Triotech and BoldMove Nation.

“Combining our expertise and missions, Creators of Fun and Creating Happier Worlds, can only result in an unparalleled dark ride and gaming experience. We look forward to the first happy visitors!” conclude Ernest Yale and Benoit Cornet unanimously.

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