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by Funtime Handels

Funtime Handels debuted its latest extreme ride construction at the Prater in Vienna this summer. The new creation is called the Tornado and comprises an offset rotating arm, onto the end of which a four-seater gondola is suspended like a swing. Additional electronic motors allow the gondola to perform somersaults.

The ride’s total height is just over 33 metres, and thanks to the arm’s lightning bolt construction, which is illuminated with white lighting, it makes for an unusual but arresting sight after dark. Whether the ride will go on to match the success of, say, the Star Flyer, which debuted at the Prater in 2004 and has since gone on to be sold to a number of high profile parks, remains to be seen. However, Funtime deserves respect for prototyping a number of new ride ideas in a relatively short time. Future installations of the Tornado can be supplied with double capacity (eight seats).

Funtime has alreday supplied and continues to operate a Sling Shot, ‘Vomatron’ Booster, Sky Flyer and Bell-themed pendulum ride at the Prater, although the latter is likely to go to a German buyer at the end of 2007.

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