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Technical Park announces a number of new deliveries

This year, visitors to France’s Parc en Bourgogne can take a seat on the new “Odysseus” a thrilling motion swinger with car loop effect by Technical Park.
The main arm of the attraction is installed in the middle of a steel basement and a rotating arm supports a carousel of 6 vehicles (5 seats each, for a total of 30 passengers) with car loop effect. The carousel is lifted up to a max. height of 17 mt. by means of a hydraulic cylinder. “Thrill seekers and skydivers can join a spectacular ride experience,” said a spokesperson.
Sochi Park in Russia is set to open Typhoon 360, a fast pendulum ride with full inversion. The swing over is enhanced by a boosted fall giving the 24 passengers great adrenaline feedback at a height of 35 meters. This giant unit by Technical Park has been just installed at the beginning of the year to be ready for operation this season.
The name chosen is “Perpetual motion machine” and it belongs to a themed area, it’s giant lens on top with RGB lighting effects is part pf the show.
Sidecar is the new ride 2021 for Bagatelle, France. An interactive swing ride by Technical Park, it has 8 delivery van shaped vehicles. The passengers can control the swing angle with the drive wheel with a very funny engagement.
The name chosen is “Les Woodies”. Over 20 units of this kind have been made so far, and each one has been customised to answer different and specific theming requirements at destination. Technical Park is now building also a XXL unit with 50% more capacity to address larger demands.
Rush Flight in Family Park, France, is a smaller version of Aerobat by Technical Park, designed to be even more dynamic and thrilling. The park has named it “TURBULENCE”.
The centre rises all the arms together like in a reversed umbrella and let the passengers immediately free to play rolls with the wings. The ride has a capacity of 12 seats, an envelope of 15 meters on a flat base and possible indoor installation without any foundation make this ride very modular.
A 30 metre high Ferris Wheel has been to delivered to Papea Parc. Called “La grande rose”, this classic fun land icon, which can accommodate passengers of any age, was missing in the park and it was “the perfect choice” to celebrate the 50th year anniversary.
This year, visitors to Legoland Billund in Denmark’s, will finally enter in the new LEGO MOVIE WORLD – opening was postponed to 2021. Technical Park’s Aerobat unit called “Apocalypseburg Sky Battle” is one of the main attractions of the new theming area. A “very cool interactive ride”, passengers rise 14 metres into the air on their own plane, fly head down, make loops and turn 360 degrees.
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