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A legendary experience

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Company speaker, Birger Meierjohann tells Park World editor, Becci Knowles, why Tripsdrill is so special and reveals what’s been happening while gates have been closed.

Named ‘Best Regional Park’ at the 2020 Park World Excellence Awards, Tripsdrill is Germany’s longest standing theme park. It was founded in 1929 when Eugen Fischer, the grandfather of today’s owners, opened the ‘Old Ladies’ Mill’, based on a local legend of a mill in which the old ladies became young again. This first attraction was unfortunately burnt down after a lightning strike in 1946 but was rebuilt and reopened by Eugen Fischer’s son Kurt in 1950. According to Birger, “his vision was to create a place of enjoyment for the whole family – from the toddler to the senior. He also chose a very special theme for the park – which is ‘Swabia in the year 1880’. Our region’s history and tradition are therefore the heartbeat of Tripsdrill.”

I ask Birger if that vision has been achieved today: “Yes, definitely,” he says, “though today’s Tripsdrill is much different from how it looked like in the earlier years – though even the older visitors still recognise some of their childhood memories here. We have adventure playgrounds for small kids, slower attractions and museums for the elder generation – as well as an increasing offer of coasters, thrilling teenagers and young adults. “In our neighbouring wildlife park, which is included in the ticket, our visitors can experience mostly indigenous animals in natural surroundings. We have a complete offer for everybody. All attractions are designed according to our traditional theme, profi ting from the region’s rich heritage of tales and legends. Our goal is to provide quality, authenticity and originality.”


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