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Suzhou Giant Wheel Park

New venue takes shape in China

A new park is taking shape in the Chinese city of Suzhou, about two hours from Shanghai. Taking its name from one of its star attractions, the Giant Wheel Park will also feature a world-first rollercoaster.

The Stingray (pictured), by Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, will be the first in a new generation of Flying Dutchman rides featuring face down seating. The ride has a number of fresh features including a vertical lift, taking approximately 20 seconds to reach the top, and a remarkably compact footprint – just 37.2 x 56.6-metres.
The construction stands just over 32-metres tall and has a total track length of 362-metres, including a vertical loop, outside loop and a double horizontal loop as well as a 180º roll. Travelling at speeds of up to 67km/h this gives a ride time just short of one minute.
Passengers will travel parallel to the track and be tilted into position on the lift. Two trains will be used, each comprising a 4 x 2 seating configuration. The ride’s theoretical hourly capacity is 525.
Meanwhile the British supplier Simworx is preparing to install four Stargazer motion theatres at the new park. The attractions will accommodate up to 28 passengers a time – seven per motion base, and feature a variety of 4D effects, including special lighting. 3D films provided will include Space Shuttle Mission, Magic Carpet and Haunted Forest. The Stargazer is the company’s third Stargazer installation in China.
The Giant Wheel itself has been built by a local supplier but will feature gondolas supplied by Ronald Bussink Professional Rides/Wheels of Excellence. After several delays it now looks as though the park will be operational by early 2009.

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