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Splash ‘n’ Dodge

by ABC Rides

As a water ride manufacturer, ABC Rides has inevitably been drawn into producing a number of interactive boat rides, but it has also come up with a new idea of its own.

The space-saving Splash ‘n’ Dodge is an interactive water carousel occupying a footprint of 13 x 16 metres and features eight four-passenger gondolas inside a 9-metre circle. The gondolas run along an undulated guide rail embedded in concrete, giving the sensation of riding on waves. Parks are free to complete the concrete work themselves.

There are three water cannons per gondola, and four around the outside of the ride, plus a wheel for riders to turn the car. The passenger’s task is get the gondola into the right position, either to defend their team mates or give a good soaking to others. The curtain at the back of the car shields the riders from attack.

The “rubber ducky” design seen here is one of several possible themes.

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