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So long Souilljee!

KMG salesman goes it alone

Dutch ride manufacturer KMG and its 15-year-long sales manager Jack Souilljee (pictured) have parted company. Jack will now concentrate on becoming a freelance ride consultant, while Albert Kroon, son of KMG founder Isje Kroon, takes over sales responsibilities at the family firm.

Jack became a partner in KMG in 1994, acting as its commercial director, while Isje assumed the title of technical director. In latter years Jack sold KMG rides on an exclusive basis via his own Swiss-based company Inno-Rides, a name he will continue to use as he pursues new business.

“I can help the buyer find a new or used ride if they do not speak the language or have the time to visit the object in question,” explains Jack. Acknowledging that there are already plenty of agents in the business, he adds: “I will work for a daily fee plus expenses – not a percentage – which should benefit the buyer, and I will choose the manufacturer based on facts – like quality, workmanship and liability.”

Jack Souilljee has also signed a deal to represent the represent the American company Boogie Bodies. The firm’s unique product, which has already been supplied to a handful of parks in the States, superimposes guests’ heads onto a miniature dancing body with amusing results.

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