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SkySpire new From US Thrillrides

With anticipated mitigation of the pandemic worldwide, US Thrill rides is preparing for a surge in demand of new concepts and ideas by the amusement industry. Founder and Chairman of US Thrill Rides, Bill Kitchen, has been working on several new concepts for the SkySpire, a next-generation  iconic attraction with panoramic views.

Sky Spire’s architecturally stunning structure promises to be a draw for tourists. Not only is it unique, but also provides ample screen space on the top of the tower for media, advertising, and sponsorship opportunities. The track wraps around three times allowing passengers to enjoy breathtaking 360º panoramic views in climate-controlled gondolas, rotating around the tower as they ascend to the top. The roof of the SkySpire will be covered in solar panels making this iconic structure eco-friendly. The top of the tower can also be used as a fireworks launch pad.

The SkySpire gives an observation experience that is a unique and fresh alternative to the common, traditional Ferris Wheel. It is 250 feet (76 m) tall and has the capacity of 600 to 1,200 people per hour. With a smaller footprint than an observation wheel, the SkySpire can be incorporated in more dense areas. It incorporates a patent-pending 360º tower lift system. Its owners will have an exclusive, iconic landmark. US Thrillrides believes the future is bright for post-pandemic attractions like the SkySpire.

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