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Skyline Attractions sells first Skywarp

Skyline Attractions has sold their first Skywarp, scheduled to open in 2018 at a yet-to-be-named location. This experience offers 32 passengers a unique journey as they board the two competing ride vehicles. The train begins rocking back and forth, building up to full speed before completing several thrilling forward and reverse rotations through the twin Immelmann inversions over track length of 360 feet (110 m).

The unique concept was first shown at the 2016 IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando. This innovative attraction combines the speed, inversions, and capacity of a big coaster with a fraction of the cost. The design of Skywarp allows it to deliver the thrills a modern coaster in a compact footprint.

“Skywarp has everything that operators of all sizes desire,” said Evan Souliere, founding partner of Skyline Attractions. “Big impact, big thrills, big visibility, and big capacity with a small footprint and a small price.”

The small 120 foot by 30 foot (37 m x 9 m) footprint allows for the placement of the attraction in nearly any location, and topping out at 62 feet (19 m) in height it can even fit in many indoor locations.

Ride Entertainment is the sales partner for Skyline Attractions.

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