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Sky Sled soars at Six Flags

The new Skycoaster Sky Sled debuted at Six Flags in the spring, opening at four key properties including Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags over Texas, Six Flags Great Adventure, and Six Flags Mexico.

“Last year, Six Flags had told us they wanted to be the first theme park to premiere the new Sky Sled,” said Lance Beatty, Managing Director of Skycoaster. “We were happy to oblige as they have been a fantastic partner for decades. Today, to see a Skycoaster at nearly every Six Flags property is truly incredible.”

For over 25 years, thrill-seekers suited up in custom-designed Flight Suits that allowed flyers to free fall from hundreds of feet high, head first. With the Sky Sled, soaring in a seated position allows riders to soak in the sights and fly in a whole new way from a winched position at the very top of the Launch Tower.

“It’s a ton of fun,” said Mark Rosenzweig, Managing Director: Business Development. “In California, you look out over a ton of thrill rides and at the Texas property, the stadiums of Arlington’s entertainment district make up the skyline so there’s a lot of exciting things to take in. Six Flags says that ‘innovation is in their DNA’ and we couldn’t agree more. They were an early Skycoaster client and continue to offer new thrills for their guests.”

The Sky Sled represents a significant period in Ride Entertainment’s re-investment in the Skycoaster brand. Just within the past decade, the Company has designed a new structure for the thrill ride, worked with lighting partner, KCL Engineering, to offer a programmable LED lighting solution, developed an approved self-editing video system with a new video partner that will debut at this year’s annual Skycoaster Safety Seminar, and spent five years creating the Sky Sled.

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