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Refurb work continues

“We are extremely busy at the moment,” says Sean Brian of Amusement Technical Services. The UK firm continues to refurbishment and install a number of used rides at parks and attractions around the world.

Now operational at Wicksteed Park in England is a Log Flume (pictured), originally built by WGH Transportation for the Rotunda park in Folkestone, Kent. Following an “as new” refurbishment, the ride now appears at Wicksteed as Rocky River Falls. ATS completed a 50% remanufacture of the troughs while also extensively refurbishing the six boats. Other work included brand new theming elements including a water curtain and water bomb effects.

“Wicksteed has got an attraction at the fraction of the cost of a new ride,” notes Brian, “and we are more than happy with the results.”

Other ATS projects of late have included a package of refurbished rides for a new park in Pakistan, a package of refurbished children’s rides for an operator in Cape Town, South Africa, plus some refurbishment work a little close to home on a Pirate Ship at Knowsley Safari Park near Liverpool.

ATS also continues to manufacture a number of smaller attractions itself, including the Rodeo Trail and Jungle Safari children’s rides.

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