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Robocoaster 4D

Kuka offers robot simulator

Kuka, the German robot manufacturer, has added a new dimension to its Robocoaster ride by offering a 4D Simulator version. The attraction includes a new enclosed “bubble” capsule.

Inside riders watch a ride film as the robot arm completes a synchronised series of movements wilder and more intense than any other simulator on the market. A fan inside the capsule provides added wind effects to punctuate the action on screen, and an onboard audio system is also included. At present only 2D images are available, but developers are promising high definition 3D content in future – without glasses.

Admitting that the existing Robocoaster has enjoyed only limited success, Kuka’s director of sales for new markets, Mike Beaupre, says the 4D Simulator allows much more scope simply because riders are not thinking about the robot while they are riding. Nevertheless it still provides an arresting sight for spectators or passers-by.

The capsule can also be retro-fitted to existing Robocoaster rides and a number of customers have also made enquiries about doing so. A camera and microphone allow for passenger observation inside the capsule, and a smoke detector is also fitted. The front cover is easily removable for evacuation purposes and panic lighting is installed.

The first unit has been operational since the start of the year at the Les2Aples ski resort in France where it forms part of an avalanche exhibition. During the recent Euro Attractions Show in Munich, Kuka demonstrated a new ride film based on Maurer Söhne’s Abismo, a real life rollercoaster at Parque de Atracciones de Madrid.

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