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Prezzemolo Land

While other parks introduce new themed areas based around licensed intellectual property, Gardaland in Italy will be celebrating is own in-house mascot in 2014 with the opening of Prezzemolo Land.

“Prezzemolo is an established character at Gardaland and a massive favourite with young children, so when looking at developing new experiences for this age group in the resort it made perfect sense to develop his character in this way,” says Mark Fisher, chief development officer for Garadaland owner Merlin Entertainments.

A medieval castle will stand tall at the centre of the new area, surrounded by waterslides slides and other wet and wacky diversions including a giant tipping barrel. Young guests will be invited to defend the castle from attack using water cannons.

Beyond the castle itself we are promised “huge flying machines, happy catapults, acrobatic trampolines, towers, bridges and more surprises.” There will even be a planetarium. Changing rooms will be provided and guests will be able to enjoy the fun with or without a swimming costume. As well as all the wet and dry play equipment, visitors will be able to ride the new Macchina Volante (Flying Machine) attractions with its four enormous blades.

Completing the colourful Prezzemolo Land will be a spacious dining area. Other Gardaland features for 2014 include the return of Eurochocolate, a two-week festival kicking off the season from 1 to 13 April. On the latter date, guests will be able to enter the park for the price of just €23 instead of €37.50 if they turn up dressed as superhero.

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